Celine Pelofi

Much like the stones encrusting her Ms. United States crown, Celine Pelofi is a rare gem who is dazzling as the Braman Motorcars Brand Ambassador.

Story Credits

Carl Dawson, Living Exposure Photography
Text by
Robin Hodes
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One of the top luxury car dealerships in the country, Braman Motorcars, can now add brains and beauty to its list of assets. Palm Beach Gardens resident and Miami native, Celine Pelofi, was not only crowned Ms. United States in 2015, but was also awarded the position of Braman’s brand ambassador. With the same grace that earned her the pageant win, Pelofi now serves as the public face of the dealership, participating in advertising and marketing campaigns, starring in informational videos, making public appearances and attending Club Braman events. The selection of Pelofi couldn’t be more appropriate — not only is she charismatic enough to liaise with the dealership’s discerning clientele (almost half of whom are women), but she has a natural affinity for community involvement and charitable causes, which as Palm Beach residents have discovered, is in keeping with Braman’s company philosophy that spans the spectrum.